The RYL Coaching Process involves empowerment theory

“Twenty-first century living demands change”

Under the visionary direction of Dr. Norma Edwards, the RYL process has dramatically changed hundreds of lives. The model was successfully piloted for seven years at a federally-funded program. It was offered to ex-offenders  re-entering the community at the Re-entry and Sanctions Center in Washington DC. Since then, through the medium of life coaching it has brought grounding, alignment/balance, purpose and empowerment into many lives. The underlying thesis of the process can be summed up as:  

 “Breaking through to wholesome living requires the alignment of body, mind, soul and spirit   to promote sustainable, measurable change”    

The RYL coaching process is not psychology, therapy nor is it counseling. The process is  a synergistic relationship that allows clients to tap into their full potential. It is in fact a spiritually transforming process that includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (brain chemistry and how the brain works); transformational listening; release and renewal techniques; and the embodiment of ancient wisdom teachings. The entire process is uniquely underscored by rhythm, sound and music. The most important aspect of the process is acknowledgement that YOU are the only expert in your life and the power belongs to YOU. This approach has proven to be effective to motivate; diffuse anxiety; release negative energy; facilitate self- discovery; initiate grounding; develop resilience and open up the client’s inner pathways to growth and development. 

RYL’s ultimate goal is empowerment. It’s major objective: Purposeful living

  · Do you have a stream of unanswered questions? · Do you need help engaging life’s transitions?  · Do you want to really know what makes you tic? · Do you know what you want from life?   · Ready to uncover and live your life’s purpose?   If you answer yes to any or all of the above questions fill up the form below and send your request to:  Our process involves empowerment theory at every level and I can promise that this will be the beginning of change and empowerment in your lives.  

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