Reverend Dr. Norma Edwards

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I am Coach Norma I provide Online Life Coaching.  My speciality:  Grounding, Alignment.   

My clients journey with me along the road less traveled to empowerment

Twenty-first century energy is here to wake us up, to release fear, bring alignment that empowers us to become Masters of our destiny.  

     RYL Life Coaching offers the tools to  do just that. To clear blockages 

Dismantle fear and limiting unconscious scripts  

Initiate self-discovery and goal setting 

Facilitate grounding and spiritual alignment  

We offer practical exercises that bring about sustainable change.    

State-of-the-art Coaching and goal setting techniques for spiritual growth and empowerment. 


Here’s what one client had to say about her journey with Coach Norma.   

“She took me from the study of human nature  to experiencing the glorious world of Spirit and empowerment”  

Hazel W -  South Carolina       

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