Online Coaching Reviews


“You transferred your calm and serenity into my life.

Helped me see life from a whole new perspective

Gave me strength, but above all journeyed with me to a whole new life. God bless you”

 Randal K. – Ohio



“Your calm and serenity throughout the entire coaching experience has found its way into my life. I’m now grounded and moving smoothly into my life’s purpose, forever grateful”

Svetlana D. – Maryland



“Words cannot express my gratitude. My coach Norma listened with absolutely no judgment. 

Asked the searching questions; was respectfully patient and nurturing throughout the process.

Journeyed with me to the depths, celebrated with me on the rise and gave me the gift of a whole new life and a music collection. Blessings”

Arthur T.

 Washington, DC


"When you are ready, the Teacher will appear” 

“It’s been many years since my request to Coach Norma for her assistance as personal Coach. Norma's wisdom and voice gave guidance, not only towards a more stable path, as well, she helped me to assess and make better choices, learning to listen to and trust my own intuition, which in turn teaches the ability to heal oneself. Reach out. You have only to ask.” 

Lori K.




“Reverend Norma's blend of God centered online coaching, spirituality, and goal setting has been a life saver to me. She served as a medium to help me come to peace with my past, forgive others, love myself, and reconcile with my Maker. I now walk with a sense of harmony and belonging in the Universe. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all she did for me and I strongly recommend her as a Spiritual Life Coach”

Steve Y.